The Whore: Cassie
I met this whore who wanted to fuck for a living.  But what happens when her pussy feels like sandpaper and it's too fucking sore to fuck.  You have her suck you off and unload a hot squirt of sauce all over her face.

The Whore: Giovanna Fiore
I was able to unleash the whore within this cutie.  Now a whore this cute has a great chance for success.  She gobbled my asshole with gusto and was willing to fuck the SuperAgent anyway she could.  Too bad jobs in this business is scarce.

The Whore: Honey
This lazy-eyed whore smelled like a tuna factory and had this evil eye staring at me every time she stroked my dick.  This girl will go nowhere in the business with her eyeball ready to pop out of its socket.

The Whore: Crystal Ray
You've never met a whore who is so willing like this hyperactive whore Crystal.  Her whole worth in life is to be degraded for our viewing pleasure.  She eats cum, fucks like a banshee, and sucks dick with glee.  This whore's gonna be something big, I tell ya!

The Whore: Jennifer
A smelly pussy is not a good way to be successful in this business.  This fat piece of shit had a pussy that smelled worse than a fish market during a heat crisis.  Though I was nauseous, I managed to fuck this whore by keeping my nose plugged.

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